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Capture and organise all your knowledge, processes, and policies into one platform that makes it easier to onboard, train, and scale for growth.

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All your "how-to" in one platform

Bookplay is a knowledge management solution that makes it easy to onboard and train. It has all the features for your team to learn and find every process so that they don't waste time finding "how-to do".

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"How-to" when and where you need it

End shoulder taps to ask for information. Use our slack integration to find the content you need, when you need it. You can also navigate our web app that has real time search!

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Train with any format

There is no limit to what format you can use in your playbooks. Embed videos, pictures, and other medias to capture a process as close as the reality. Use our granular permissions to decide who can distribute content to your teams.

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Measure effectiveness of your training

Ensure that your team knows how to do what they have been hired to do with our reporting dashboard. You can track the effectiveness of your content, track contribution by employees, etc.

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